OnePlus 10 Pro flagship boasts second-gen Hasselblad imaging

With a many notable exceptions, if you are looking for a new smartphone moment you are enough much limited to operating systems powered by Google or Apple. The PinePhone Pro flagship from Pine64 is a veritably different proposition, running Linux rather of Android or iOS. The new flagship isn’t a relief for the original PinePhone launched in 2019, nor is it a alternate generation. Pine64 prefers to suppose of it as a advanced- end handset for further demanding druggies”who wish to daily drive a completely open Linux Stack.”

It’ll come running the Manjaro distro, but is anticipated to be compatible with other Linux distributions similar as PureOS, Ubuntu Touch, LuneOS, Sailfish OS and further.”It’s also likely that PinePhone Pro will give rise to new software options,” said the company.”We can not stay to see what the community comes up with.”
The handset isn’t aimed at folks who spend their lives using mainstream mobile apps, but rather those who are looking to experiment, to tweak, to hack and else get under the open- source hood. Pine64 has an active community of druggies and inventors, and with this release is aiming to move the tackle from being” primarily development- concentrated to technically-inclined end- stoner- centered.”

The smarts of the Pro shape up as a custom interpretation of the RK3399 system-on- chip from Rockchip that is been developed specifically for this device. The platform features two A72 and four A53 CPU cores and a Mali T860 quadrangle- core GPU, supported by 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 128 GB of eMMC storehouse (with voluntary expansion via microSD).
The handset comes with a 6- inch x 720 resolution touchscreen TV panel outgunned by Corning Gorilla Glass 4, and a 5-MP OmniVision selfiecam in the bezel up top. And there is a single 13-MP camera around back that is grounded around Sony’s IMX258 detector, with a flash/ arsonist LED.

Other crucial specs include Bluetooth4.1 and802.11 ac Wi-Fi, USB-C for power and data, a-mAh Li-ion battery, and a3.5-mm audio affair jack. Tackle DIP switches can disable the cameras, microphone, LTE modem, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and headphone jack for sequestration. And being add-ons for the original PinePhone – similar as wireless charging cases, a point anthology and keyboard – are reported compatible with the Pro handset thanks to making use of the same pogo- leg systems and back cover attachment.
Naturally, these specs are fully overshadowed by those of moment’s flagship phones from the big players in the mobile space, but the end then wasn’t to contend with similar bias but rather”to give inventors with an open, readily available, and affordable platform to drive Linux on mobile forward,” so job done really.