Pine64 offers a more ultraexpensive mobile Linux experience with PinePhone Pro

After a number of brief teasers, OnePlus has pulled back the curtain on its rearmost flagship smartphone, the 10 Pro. The company has again partnered with Hasselblad for imaging on the triadic camera array, with 10- bit color now supported.
On the face of it, the new handset appears to be a kindly minor upgrade on last time’s 9 Pro flagship, but there are a many juicy additions.

The screen looks about the same as ahead, shaping up as a6.7- inch AMOLED display at x resolution and20.19 aspect, and a refresh rate of over to 120 Hz – though it can bus acclimate right down to 1 Hz to get further from the generous-mAh binary- cell battery ( over from-mAh in last time’s model). The phone still supports 50-W wireless charging, but has upped the cabled presto- charging power to 80-W.

OnePlus has again partnered with high- end photography Goliath Hasselblad on image processing, with the 10 Pro now suitable to capture images in 10- bit color and Hasselblad’s alternate- generation Pro mode allowing for 12- bit RAW images.

The hinder camera block flows from the left side and comprises a 48-MP main camera with a F1.8 orifice that uses a custom Sony IMX7891/1.43- inch image detector and has an original focal length of 23 mm, there is a 50-MPultra-wide with 150- degree field of view and a new Fisheye mode too, and an 8-MP blowup.

The lenses come with 3D nanocrystalline ceramic covers for continuity,3.3 x optic drone is available, as is optic image stabilization, and the camera array can manage 8K videotape firing at 24 frames per second, or 4K up to 120 fps. For super slow stir scenes, druggies can drop to 1080p resolution for 240 fps or 720p for 480 fps. And 4K timelapse is cooked in as well.

Usefully, druggies can acclimate ISO perceptivity, shutter speed and further when using Movie Mode, which also sports a new log profile that will be useful for tweaking videotape content in editing software.